College Students

Are you looking to connect deeper with the church family, eat a home-cooked meal, and be encouraged this semester? Sign up to be “adopted” into a downtown family!

What to Expect

  • The Downtown Family will contact you periodically to find out to pray for you and how to encourage you.
  • You will eat a meal with your Downtown Family at least once this semester, perhaps a lunch after church.
  • Your Downtown Family will ask for ways they can help or serve you in some way each semester.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Downtown Family to a college student!  Whether you’re a single adult, young couple, have kids or not, college students would love to get to know you!

What to Expect:

  • Check in with your student periodically to encourage and pray with/for.
  • Invite for lunch or dinner twice this semester
  • Other ideas could include:
  • Let them wash their clothes once or twice
  • Drop off cookies for them at mid-terms or finals
  • Send them an encouraging card

Getting Started
Once a student indicates an interest in having a Downtown Family, we will connect them to you by providing you with their contact information.  Your job will be to make first contact via text or phone call within a week to introduce yourself and schedule your first face-to-face (sit with them at church, take them to lunch after church, or invite to dinner one evening). 

Please be mindful that he/she will have a busy schedule, so they may not be able to get together right away or very often. 

Email Kelley Spencer if you're interested in becoming a Downtown Family.

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